Structural pourable and thixotropic mortars, chemical anchors, smoothing compounds and fillers, nets and accessories



problema fibre per calcestruzzo

Structural reinforcementsfixings, anchors and consolidations in constructions represent a very serious issue to guarantee the safety of buildings. The fixing of a connector rather than the grouting of an iron shelf of a balcony, the anchoring of a pillar in a foundation rather than the rail of an overhead crane, as well as the locking of a road joint or a heavy press, and also as the consolidating injection of a disaggregated masonry or its structural protection against overturning, the stiffening of an old floor with low capacity, the consolidation of the intrados of a smashed floor, as well as the filling of a sheath containing post strands tension, describe interventions of structural importance in relation to the life of the work, on which nothing must be left to chance, as it will be difficult fix it later.


vantaggi fibre per calcestruzzo

For the listed interventions, AZICHEM proposes an extensive and tested list of products: structural, expansive, pre-blended pourable cementitious mortars, with compensated shrinkage, fiber-reinforced, with very high mechanical performance; fluid slurries and micro-mortars based on hydraulic binders and nano-polymers with exceptional smoothness; structural thixotropic mortars and smoothing compounds; ready-to-use epoxy or polyester based adhesives and mortars; alkaline-resistant structural fiberglass nets and connectors; liquid and powder additives for the packaging of concrete, thixotropic and pourable mortars, plasters, slurries and spritz-beton; steel and polypropylene structural fibers. All products designed with the passion and professional ability that distinguishes us, widely certified, as well as according to the law, by the sincere appreciation of the users on site.


soluzione fibre per calcestruzzo

The delicate structural interventions related to reinforcements, fixings, anchors and consolidations in construction represent a complex problem that involves numerous skills and equally numerous interactions.
The awareness of the importance of our shrewd technical/scientific work and of our vast experience and knowledge, which has always guided us towards the safe preliminary identification of the causes that determined the degenerative events and of all the variables to be taken into consideration to design correctly the lasting solution of the problem constitutes the foundation of our intervention protocols. We aim to achieve the indispensable criteria of affinity and compatibility with the existing environment, for each of the materials used from time to time.