The GROUT POWER thematic site intends to provide a picture of the most advanced technologies and the highest performances developed by AZICHEM in formulations with a cementitious matrix, in those based on natural limes and in composite systems.

The technological development of materials is rapidly developing and the search for new solutions embraces a multiplicity of chemical-physical-mechanical functions that characterize the behavior of new products throughout the life cycle of the materials. Innovative behaviors that can determine the choices of designers and operators in the sector, depending on the expected construction and structural applications.

The request for “high performance”, coming from different design fields, has always characterized the research and technological evolution of AZICHEM:

  • on the restoration of the existing constructions, we value the need to contain the dimensions of the restoration, both for functional reasons and for strictly structural reasons, linked to the intention not to alter the existing stiffness ratios and distributions;
  • on newly constructed structures, we value the high mechanical compressive strengths to contain the dimensions of the load-bearing elements;
  • on the restoration and new constructions, we value the high deformation and residual strength values ​​achieved thanks to the addition of fibers (steel or synthetic), and thanks to a design of the composition (“mix-design”) based on micromechanical evaluations;
  • we value the development of important physico-chemical performances with short or very short curing times, linked to particular requests concerning some complex executive phases of works positioned in difficult exhibition environments;
  • we value the durability of the proposed solutions, even when these are made in severe exposure environments


These are just some of the research objectives pursued by AZICHEM for some time and which you will find widely developed in this thematic site with an in-depth analysis of three distinct product families, which represent the spearheads of the company’s evolution.


Family of pourable, anti-shrinkage, high-tech, cementitious and/or lime-based products for grouting, reinforcement and structural consolidation


Family of products for the reinforcement, improvement and seismic adaptation of floors, walls and structures in reinforced concrete, using mortars and structural micro-concretes, in combination with glass meshes and bars and/or other specific accessories


Family of cementitious products and innovative technologies, specific for new industrial concrete floors and for the restoration of existing ones