The essential objectives of normal pourable mortars and slurries are: good fluidity, good flow capacity on absorbent substrates, homogeneity of the mix, no exudation of water or segregation of the components.

In addition to these fundamental properties, AZICHEM’s research has for some time been engaged in the development of special performances that embrace increasingly complex design fields and application realities day after day, among which we remember:

  • special chemical-mechanical performances,
  • modulation of setting times and development of mechanical strengths,
  • super sliding even on porous and dry substrates,
  • very high adhesion on various substrates,
  • impermeability to water and barrier to the penetration of carbon dioxide,
  • modulation of the thermal conductivity of the formulations,
  • dissipative capacity and residual resistances in the range of fiber-reinforced pourables..

Based on these prerogatives AZICHEM has created the GROUT SYSTEM family, a line of high technology pourable products which, thanks to a truly complete range of its kind, covers multiple fields of use:

  • reinforcement of pillars, beams and joints in reinforced concrete,
  • restoration of curbs and technical joints in road infrastructures,
  • connection of seismic isolators to foundation structures,
  • fastening of connectors, pins, clamps, bars and reinforced seams,
  • precision anchoring of heavy machinery: turbines, presses, feeders, rolling mills, alternators, bridge cranes, trails and other structures characterized by significant dynamic stresses during the operating phases: wind towers, bollards on the piers, etc …
  • embedding of micropiles in foundation structures,
  • injections on tie rods and sheaths in post tensioned structures,
  • anchoring of snow barriers, rockfall barriers and containment nets on landslide slopes,
  • saturation of cracks and clogging of crack patterns on reinforced concrete elements,
  • construction of waterproof structures,
  • widespread or punctual consolidation of masonry structures in historic buildings.

To help identify the right product for the specific process, three subfamilies of the GROUT SYSTEM line have been distinguished, which are characterized on the basis of the granulometric differentiation of the products (<0.5 mm ¸> 0.5 mm) and on the basis of their hardening time (normal – fast).