RINFOR SYSTEM 1, 2, 3 and 4 are systems for securing floors from breaking through bricks and for strengthening masonry. The systems are composed of glass fiber mesh, ARMAGLASS STRUCTURA, of special fastening connectors, of stainless steel helical bars and of UNISAN fiber-reinforced composite mortar.

The systems guarantee high ductility and optimal stress distribution. They are safe and ecological, for man and the environment, because they are easy to handle, easy to apply, free from chemical anchors or products containing volatile organic substances (VOC) which contribute to the onset of the phenomenon called Sick Building Syndrome.

The reinforcement cycles on the floors, with anti-shattering function, can be applied both “dry”, fixing the mesh to the support with special connectors, and by “embedding” in UNISAN composite mortar, based on hydraulic binders, fiber-reinforced, with high dehumidifying power and excellent physical-mechanical performance.

UNISAN fiber-reinforced mortar implements the performance of the entire system, improves the dissipative behavior of stresses and, at the same time, contributes to the transpiring and dehumidifying restoration of walls and floors.

The systems comply with the rules set out in the “Reluis Guidelines for the repair and strengthening of structural elements, cladding and partitions” and, as regards the anti-shattering of floors, they follow the approach defined in the guidelines on the qualification of FRCM (Fibers Reinforced Cementitious Matrix) which reaffirm the need to qualify the entire reinforcement package.



RINFOR SYSTEM 1 and 2 are systems designed to prevent damage from detachment and fall of the lower panels of the bricks interleaved in the reinforced concrete floors (breaking through of the floors). Falls can be caused by critical stresses on incorrectly constructed floors, or damaged by water infiltrations or other forms of degradation, constituting situations of serious danger for the safety of people.

RINFOR SYSTEM 3 is suitable for interventions on masonry infills and partitions, where it is necessary to reconnect the walls with beams, pillars or floors. The realization of effective connections of the wall panels to the structural frame achieves the triple objective of preventing the ruinous collapse of the wall outside the floor, improving the collaboration with the reinforced concrete structure, limiting or eliminating the unfavorable local effects.

RINFOR SYSTEM 4 constitutes an effective reinforcement for masonry made of stone/brick and deteriorated mortar joints, in particular when weakened by lesions or cracking patterns.


  • Excellent physical-mechanical characteristics
  • Resistance to atmospheric agents
  • Durability in aggressive environments
  • Compatibility with any type of support
  • High breathability and dehumidifying effect
  • Basically free of volatile organic compounds, both during application and in operating conditions
  • Easy application thanks to the lightness and manageability of the constituent elements