The FLOORTECH SYSTEM line is the entrance of the world of industrial concrete floors. A large sector, which consumes a truly considerable share of the national production of concrete (about 15%).

Concrete floors are widely used in industrial areas, both internal (warehouses, logistics, industrial processing areas in general) and external (storage or goods handling areas), but also for the construction of parkings, airport runways and roadways for wheeled traffic, with an enormous range of cases: ranging from the floors of small industrial buildings, which on average reach a few hundred square meters, to tens of thousands of square meters of large logistics complexes or multi-storey parkings.

In recent years, the technological evolution in industrial environments and logistics has required increasingly important performance from industrial flooring.

To reply to these needs and to get out of the logic of “mediocre quality”, which unfortunately has characterized this sector for decades, determining, among other things, an exponential growth in disputes, the technical documents of the National Research Council (CNR), of the national trade association (CONPAVIPERand the Technical Standards of Constructions, have determined a strong impulse towards an ever more careful consideration of the construction parameters to be adopted in the different types of concrete flooring; types that can be summarized in these macro families:

  • non-reinforced concrete flooring;
  • reinforced concrete pavement;
  • flooring in fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) with conventional reinforcement;
  • FRC flooring without conventional reinforcement.

The FLOORTECH SYSTEM line has been designed and developed precisely to meet the most demanding technical needs of this important construction sector, both in terms of new constructions and the restoration of the existing one.

The wide range of products of the FLOORTECH SYSTEM line allows innovative and performing solutions, both in terms of mechanical performance and chemical-physical durability.

To help identify the product on the basis of a specific process, two macro areas of intervention have been distinguished:

  • Newly built concrete floors
  • Restoration of old concrete floors

plus a series of subfamilies that guide the visitor within the wide FLOORTECH SYSTEM range.